3580 Buffalo Creek Road

Williamson, West Virginia 25661



Our Story

The Red Dog Cottage was designed and built by Shawn and Tonya Cool.
The two completed this getaway in February 2022.

Everyone has a returning memorable place to visit. We went into this with that in mind. To make this cottage not only a special place for us, but also for each guest who stays.

Make this an unforgettable experience with friends, family members, a romantic getaway or even if you are a solo traveler seeking “me time". We want each person to feel the love and dedication used to create this magical place. To make it a place that you can relax, clear your mind, enjoy quality time together and most important, feel at home.


To everyone who is planning to visit the Red Dog, thank you in advance and we want you to share your story with us in our journal during your stay. Your story will become part of our story. Like yours, our story is still being written…

With much love,

Shawn & Tonya Cool

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Our Location

Red Dog Cottage is located in the heart of the Hatfield McCoy trail system. Just 1/2 mile from the Buffalo Mountain trailhead.